911 (9RunRun) Emergency Services Run

Posted on: October 21st, 2012 by Stittsville Physio

Well – we had a blast!  There were many more participants than last year.  We were kept hopping with more than 55 people signed up to get a 15-minute treatment from our two Registered Massage Therapists, Mike and Karen.  Four of our skilled physiotherapists (Matt, Carole, Jasmine and Danielle) were also on hand to answer questions and help out wherever needed.  Jason was everywhere – chatting up the local politicians, playing photographer, and just generally being “the boss”! 

I think we can call this one a resounding success!!

Photo Opp with The Mayor and Councillor


Ohhhhh - That Feels Fantastic!


Just a little to the left!


Step Up to the Desk - Waiting for Customers